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Back to List>> Jinling Awarded Pioneer of 2004 China National Brand Hotels on CTHA Forum

From July 1 to 6, the 2005 China Hotel Grouplization Development Forum and the 2nd session of the 5th Directors Council of China Tourist Hotels Association (CTHA) was held in Harbin. More than 500 professionals from China's hotel industry took part in this grand event. 
According to Lin Shan, vice president of CTHA, the tourist hotels contributed a lot to the development of China's tourism industry. These hotels have made remarkable progress in business scales, facilities, service qualities, and management concepts. As the link between government and enterprises, CTHA will be committed to introducing more deluxe hotel brands, making the national brands more competitive, and improving the performances of middle ranking hotels within a short period. It will continue to focus on the developing more national hotel management companies and expanding their scales.   
This session reviewed the works of CTHA over the last two years, and approved the work report and fiscal report by president Lu Haiyan. CTHA also announced the results of 2005 China Hotel Industry Business Survey. Jinling Hotel Management Company and other 19 companies were awarded Pioneer of 2004 China National Brand Hotels.
During the 2005 China Hotel Grouplization Development Forum, speakers from Jianguo, Jinling, Yuehai, New Century, HNA, EASTRAVEL, Intercontinental, and Best Western, introduced their developments and shared their experiences with each other; scholars reviewed the history of China hotel grouplization development and looked into the future. The participants had an in-depth exchange and interaction over the latest trend in China's Hotel Industry, the localization of famous brands from abroad, the rational development of national hotel brands, and the investments by civil capitals, and the model of economy class hotel. Mr. Tang Wenjian, Chairman and President of Jinling Holdings Limited, gave a speech on How to Make China National Brand Hotels More Competitive through Extensive Supporting Systems, which drew favorable comments from the audience.   
To answer the call of State Department on setting up a more economical model of economy, participants of this session unanimously agreed on CTHA's proposal of initiating a Green Program to reduce the amount of waste, and to save energy and water.
According to the CTHA survey, by the end of June 2005, the number of national hotel Management Company has reached 190; and these companies manage a total of 1,600 hotels now. The percentage of deluxe hotels being managed by hotel groups increased to 14.55%, a 4.92% increase over last year.  Since 2004, the Jinling Hotel Management Company has been expanding vigorously based on its advantages in branding and supporting systems. Now there are 22 member hotels and resorts (4-star or above) managed by the Jinling. It has just created the economy hotel chain Jin’s Inn to enter the economy hotel market. (Steven Zhang)