Project Overview

New Jinling, New Legend

The Jinling Hotel Nanjing, known as the forerunner of modern Chinese hotels, has grown and advanced constantly and was recognized worldwide as the “Highest Building in China”. It was a testimony and replica of China’s “opening to the world” and later progression of increased social reforms; it has stood as a landmark of China’s hospitality industry and now, 30 years later, as Jinling enters the Top 50 global hotel brands listing, it now announces and acclaims its new addition: the Asia Pacific Tower. The tower connects with the Jinling Hotel Nanjing to accommodate world-class requirements from a professional platform and impressive landmark of the Nanjing city center. Asia Pacific Tower’s is 242 meters/57 floors high and includes an attached podium with 4 floors and a 3-floor underground area, and has a total floor space encompassing 170,000 square meters on the north side of the Jinling Hotel Nanjing; the tower is invested by the Jinling Hotel Corporation Ltd. and Shingkwan Investment (Singapore) PTE Ltd, and designed by the top international architectural companies P&T Group and Chhada Siembieda Leung. Inside the tower, the managed for-lease office space spans the 6th to the 38th floors, and the 41st to 57th floors features added area of the 5-star Jinling Hotel Nanjing. The 1st floor of the attached podium is the hotel lobby, office building lobby and boutique stores; the 2nd and 3rd floors of the podium is the grand ballrooms and meeting rooms, and the 4th floor of the podium is health club and professional spa. From its polished architectural design to its global cutting-edge technologies, this "smart building" built to international standards is Nanjing's best-esteemed and most-desired office building. The Asia Pacific Tower perfectly complements the Jinling Hotel Nanjing and World Trade Centre. This magnificent commercial complex is a symbol of first-class quality and will become a centerpiece of Nanjing.