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Public Welfare

The company actively participates in social welfare undertakings by carrying out activities to help and support the poor. It has encouraged its staff to donate winter clothing, living supplies, and office appliances to the villagers of Donghai County, Lianyungang, advocated for employees’ regular participation in poverty alleviation and disaster relief activities, subsidized a study tour for Linian Country of Donghai County, organized a study-sightseeing trip for primary school students, and presented books to children to help them broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge.

The company has developed theJinling-TianquanhuEco-TourismParkinXuyi,JiangsuProvince. This project will become an upscale, world-class tourism destination featuring a world-class luxury hotel, modern convention facilities and a first-class retirement community, all of which will be well-synchronized. The company also is promoting the construction of “Jinling · Tianquanhu Business Center,” which is financed by Jinling Holdings and the People’s Government of Xuyi, and aims to making it a first-class innovative tourism resort in China and a model for the future development of the country’s rural areas. This project will take into account the symbiotic nature of natural resources and constructed buildings, and the entire building will be  designed and constructed to match the local terrain. The future management of this five-star hotel promise that it will not allow even a drop of waste water to flow into theTianquanhuLake, and that they will ensure “zero discharge.”

Approved by the Provincial Committee of Civilization, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Education and other relevant departments, the Jinling Hotel Corporation, Jinling Holdings and the People’s government of Xuyi County jointly have built the Practice Base for Teenagers’ Science Education and popularization in the Jinling Tianquanhu Business Center, and have thereby provided a model practice place for teenagers to experience the rural lifestyle, learn science, and increase their awareness of environmental protection.  

The Study Tour

The company organizes a blood donation every year.

Yearly winter clothing donation