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Security & Law

The company has established a Security Management Committee and a work group for Emergency Response to deal with risk precaution and management of the whole hotel. It has clearly defined the functions and responsibilities of each department, analyzed the key risk control points during operational processes, strictly carried out its security target responsibility system and 24-hour patrol system, organized a simulated fire drill every month and regularly invited guests to participate in the evacuation drill, intensified troubleshooting of safety hazards and rectification thereof, and established a rigorous precaution and control system. The company also pays attention to comprehensive methods to ensure public security and has set up a series of safety management standards. With respect to the early warning mechanism of risk prevention, the company has taken measures to upgrade its fire protection system, monitoring system and guard patrol system, revised several times the Emergency and Public Relations Crisis Response Plan (which describes the monitoring, reporting, processing and solutions for over 20 kinds of emergencies), and improved supervision and accountability systems. By means of its effective training network, the company has carried out several trainings on risk management and control, which have greatly improved employees’ awareness of risk control and their ability to deal with emergencies and crises. 

The company continuously works to make the general public more aware of legal issues, and compiled the Anthology of Laws and Regulations, including the Constitution, Labor Law and Trade Union Law, etc. to promote wide-spread knowledge of the democratic legislative system, and for it to be implemented systematically, and thereby has prevented safety incidents and the violation of laws and regulations. The company has on successive occasions won the “Advanced Unit on Comprehensive Treatment on Public Security inNanjing,” award, the “Safety Civilized Unit,” award, and others.