Jinling Hotel Nanjing

Operation and Management

The Jinling Hotel Nanjing has invested heavily in upgrading and renovating guest rooms, restaurants, facilities system, IT system and the public area, striving to create a comfortable, elegant and cozy atmosphere for business guests. The hotel has taken the lead in the industry to carry forward the information technology strategy plan and to improve the traditional hospitality industry through improved information technology techniques. The Jinling Central Reservation System is the first hotel reservation system granted independent intellectual property rights in China, and its logistics system has becomes the model of e-purchasing in the Chinese hotel industry.

To cope with changes in the economic environment, intensifying market competition and the construction of the Jinling expansion project, the company has made efforts to adjust its product structure and mode of operation and to broaden sales channels, tap potential, and increase income and reduce expenditures to implement refined management; it has also worked to integrate internal and external high-quality resources and to enhance capability in product research and development as well as in service design, and thereby has helped further strengthened its market share; it has comprehensively upgraded the “Jinling Marketing System,” and the number of reservations passing through the system accounts for 78% of total reservations; the company also has global reservation agreements with hundreds of Global 500 companies’ offices in Nanjing, and has established a strategic partnership with Pegasus, Expedia, HRS, and Priceline to achieve a “seamless connection” between the Jinling reservation system and the GDS; the company cooperates with Asia Miles, China Merchants Bank and airline companies and other diversified companies to share loyal high-end customers and to further expand influence within the international marketplace; it has intensified its innovations in dining operations and taken the initiative in setting up a food research and development center, released 30-40 innovative dishes every month, and explored the culinary cultures of different locales; the company has improved added value and made continuous strides towards high level and ecology. 

Its continuous innovation continues to boost the Jinling brand and reputation. In 2012 the Jinling Hotel Nanjing realized room and F & B revenue of 0.25 billion RMB, which increased by 8% and 11%, respectively, and has continued to rank first as it has for 29 years in the hotel industry of Jiangsu province. The percentage of business guests stays above 97%, and that of long-stay guests has reached 62%, and there are now over 80,000 Jinling Elite Members. 

Service Innovation

The company highly values quality improvement and strives for perfection. It promotes the service philosophy of “guest-oriented and the pursuit of perfection and attention to connotation development and cultural innovation which promote the transformation from “quality management” to “quality operation” and help Jinling take the lead in the hospitality industry to create the “Golden Touch of Jinling Hospitality 4-8-32” quality management pattern. The “Golden touch of Jinling hospitality” integrates international standards, and incorporates Chinese culture and features local characteristics. The detailed implementation of this pattern ensures professional and systematic management, and high service quality of Jinling member hotels.

In 2012, the company successfully passed the five-star re-evaluation and was highly praised by officials of the national star-rating board and the tourism authority. The Evaluation Group pointed out that the Jinling Hotel Nanjing had maintained a good image of a national Chinese brand, and it has taken the lead on competent and modern management and quality operation within China’s tourism industry, and to some extent has become the origin of General Managers of five-star hotels in China.

On September 20, 2011, the company won theChina’s Quality Award prize, and was the only recipient from the hospitality industry. It is the only award inChina’s quality management sector issued by the central government department, and was awarded by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council in accordance with 16 standards including brand strategy, operational performance, management level, self-renovation and social responsibility. 1200 companies participated in the verification, and 200 of which were selected as candidates after a severe, step-by-step audit. The leadership group carefully named 100 enterprises as “Pioneer Enterprise on Quality Management.” Finally, 5 which had performed extremely well in the areas of quality management, operational performance and social responsibility, and whose product (service) quality has attained the level of quality present in the top institutions of developed countries, were selected as “Models.” The award is intended to encourage and honor the guiding role that model brands play, foster groups of excellent enterprises, and promote the international competitiveness and overall management level of Chinese enterprises.

On September 27, 2011, theChina’s State Council convened the Quality Work Symposium. President Li Jianwei of the Jinling Hotel Corporation, the only representative of the hospitality industry, described the philosophy and practice of innovative quality management. Vice Premier Wang Qishan and other members of the central leadership all spoke highly of it. 

The company has created nine supporting systems including brand operation, quality management, marketing and central purchasing, improved-quality early-warning mechanisms, operational quality evaluation system, emergency response mechanism, and enhanced overall levels of performance and management. The company also led the industry in successfully receiving ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 certifications. It has set up a service quality supervision center, established a quality management liability system, adopted the three-level (general manager, duty manager and department manager) inspection system, elicited hotel experts’ and specially-invited guests’ public and private investigation, begun monthly service quality seminars, and GRO asks for guests’ opinions and replies to guests’ comments promptly. The multi-level quality monitoring and assessment system and effective communication, feedback and improvement system facilitate continuous enhancement of service quality. 

The company is committed to forging the “Jinling Lifestyle,” and is constantly innovating in product connotation, attention to the details involved in superior service, integration of humanized design, refined management and gracious service in the hotel operation, promoting the “guest-oriented” and “cherish every chance to serve” service philosophies, institute its Concierge and Butler services, “Sweet Dreams at Jinling” promotion, provide meeting consultant, sommelier, and Jinling ordering guide services, and Jinling banquet designer and other value-added services. In 2011, according to the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) issued by the Quality Management Association of Jiangsu Province, the CSI of Jinling Hotel Nanjing was 96.56%, customer loyalty degree 99.50% and corporate image index 96.93%, all of which are foremost in the industry.