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Corporate Governance

The company continuously strives to improve its corporate governance structure and decision-making, implementation and supervision systems, intensify the self-selection of the Board of Directors, give the Board full rights of policy and management, create a Strategy Committee and Audit Committee, strengthen control and supervision of the wholly-owned company and its subsidiaries, and enhance construction of the investment, finance, human resources, purchasing, engineering and security systems. Having been selected as the “pilot unit of the normative system on internal control of listed companies” by CSRC, the company has vigorously optimized its internal control and risk management system, carried out a series of  efforts toward internal control and optimal functioning, strengthened its efficiency monitoring, financial and audit supervision to promote overall screening and risk evaluation, revised and made amendments to the company’s 165 management and control systems, optimized 730 work flows, devised the “Internal Control and Management Guide” (which includes over 200,999 words), established long-term mechanisms of risk control, and has taken the lead in the hotel industry to issue the Internal Control Evaluation Report and Corporate Social Responsibility Report for five consecutive years; all of these actions taken by the company ensure synchronous improvement of benefit growth, brand maintenance and governance. The company has won the Gold Round Table Prize for Best Board of Directors of Chinese Listed Companies, and is the only listed company in China’s tourism industry to have received this prize, been named one of the “Top 100 Board Governance of Chinese Listed Companies,” and been added to the SSE Corporate Governance Index (SSE000019), thereby becoming a model of outstanding corporate governance performance.