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Jinling Trading Co., Ltd.,

Jiangsu Jinling Trading Co., Ltd. is also a subsidiary of Jinling Hotel Corporation whose registered capital is 20 million RMB, and the shareholder ratio of the Jinling Hotel Corporation is 90%. Its main business covers hotel goods purchasing and domestic and overseas trade. It has always strived to support joint purchasing by Jinling member hotels, applied a win-win pattern when doing business with suppliers, and further enhancing development of the e-commerce platform of Jinling hotels online purchasing. By the end of June 2013, the total assets of the company was 2.1031 billion RMB and net assets were 0.7285 billion RMB. The “Jinling Hotel Purchase” has become the model of e-purchasing in the hotel industry. With over 5,000 varieties of hotel goods and 380 suppliers, the highly effective operation of the system has greatly reduced member hotels’ costs.