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Moral Education

The Company has steadily perpetuated the construction of the system of Socialist core values, implemented the Program for Improving Civic Morality, and further intensified the activities of  the “Pioneer Worker” and “Women Civilization Model Post” by promoting work ethic, patriotism, and deep honesty and loyalty, so as to put the code of conducts, such as the “New Jiangsu Spirit” into practice.  

The Company has conscientiously strengthened ideological and moral education, focusing on education intended to encourage staff to love the Party, country and the company, set up correct outlook on the world, life and values, and to demonstrate social morality, work ethic, family virtues, and personal morality as a way for staff to fulfill obligations and social and family responsibilities. The Company has mobilized staff to compile the Staff Code of Conduct and Motto Collection, organize the election and appraisal of Civilized Families, set up a training room, reading room, activity room and health room and promoted the achievements through regular meetings, display cases, and the internal quarterly publication “Quintessential Jinling.” The Company has held a Jinling Sports Party, table tennis contest, badminton contest, staff painting event, calligraphy and photography exhibition, and a mountain climbing competition along with other recreational and sports activities, and has thereby created a harmonious, energetic and progressive atmosphere.