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Health and Cleanliness

The company has set up the Food Safety Committee to implement precautionary measures and manage of food safety and hygiene. To improve the long-term mechanisms intended to ensure food safety and HACCP system, to manage food and beverage purchasing and to strictly execute supplier acceptance and evaluation, the Company has signed the Commitment on Food Safety and Quality with its suppliers, raised standards for suppliers’ qualifications, devised controls for purchasing procedures and an electronic logistics system, strictly enforced rules and regulations on quality, environment, and safety and testing, implemented Administrative Measures on Food Additives, and monitored the processes of purchasing, goods examination, food processing, storage and cooking to ensure the safety and quality of food. The company also has included sanitation, epidemic prevention, treatment of three forms of waste material (exhaust, waste water, industrial residue) into the performance assessment and year-end appraisal of work. The hotel is clean and orderly and has achieved great progress in energy conservation and emissions reduction;. The company has been named one of the “Units with Contributions to the Building of National Hygienic City”, “Best 10 Hygienic Hotel inNanjing,” and other honorific titles.