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The Jinling Parties Jasmine Night opened on May 20, 2005 in the Purple Mountain Ballroom Jinling Hotel Nanjing. As the exclusive privilege for Jinling Elite members, the Jinling Parties Jasmine Night was a great success and sequel to the Christmas Chic. It will set up a channel for cross-cultural exchange and socializing.
The erhu fiddle surely became the focus of that night, together with pipa, flute, electric guitar and organ. Dressed in sensational red, the ladies walked around to interact with the audience while playing the traditional folk music Jasmine. With music, eye contact, and the most effective of weapons, a smile, there were no strangers at the Jinling Parties Jasmine Night!
What night falls, an ambient atmosphere was created in the grand ballroom with light-purple festoons, cocktail corner, buffet-table, and soothing traditional Jiangsu folksong Jasmine. The fragrant jasmine buds bring about the best mood to guests in fascinating evening dress. Thanks to this wonderful atmosphere and elegant setting, there was not an empty space to be found with more guests coming for a special night. 
This is the first time that I have joined such a fine party. It is a great way to meet people and a channel for business communication, said Ms. Chen Xinghan, Chairman of Nanjing CHIXIA Development.
Dr. Otmas Becker is the Chief Representative of NRW Nordrhein-Westfalen. He has joined many parties since he came to Nanjing. According to his experience, the Jinling Parties Jasmine Night was a great eye-opener. The Jinling Staff has made the budding jasmine into full blossom; he praised them for their new concept and hard work. 
The erhu fiddle was just fantastic to Mr. Tratz from BASF. I am thinking to learn it, said he. The whole ballroom smells fragrant with the fresh jasmine and special jasmine cake.
The Jinling Parties are a series of events. Following the success of the Jinling Parties Jasmine Night, we will have more parties of this kind with different themes and styles each time. We would like to lead the style of nightlife in Nanjing by providing a unique channel for business people, said Michael Chen, GM of the Jinling Advanced Marketing Services.  

Jinling Parties are the exclusive benefits of Jinling Elite members. Free admission for Jinling Platinum members, and 50% discount when they buy tickets for others. The Jinling Gold members can enjoy 30% discount.  Guests can log in http://www.jinlinghotel.com/ if they wish to join the Jinling Elite Program and enjoy the wonderful Jinling Parties.