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(Nanjing, April 2005) On April 24, 2005, Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel’s stayed in the Jinling Hotel Nanjing during his visit to Jiangsu Province with an Austrian delegation.
Chancellor Schüssel first came to China in 1995 when he was Minister of Economy. In 1998 he came again. He has been Austrian Chancellor since 2000. Every time I came to China, I felt a deep respect for this great nation, said the Chancellor.
During his visit to Nanjing, an ancient city of 10 dynasties, Chancellor Schüssel visited Nanjing Yun Brocade Research Center, Tai Tower, Ming Tomb, and Dr. Sun Yatsen’s Mausoleum. The beautiful sceneries of Nanjing impressed him greatly. In the Jinling Suite, he was attracted by the special Jinling postcards, which he sent immediately, back to Austria.
Mr. Liang Baohua, Governor of Jiangsu Province, met with Chancellor Schüssel in the Jinling Hotel. Both parties expressed interests in having more co-operations in trade and tourism. In the welcome banquet at the Purple Mountain Ballroom, Chancellor Schüssel tasted the typical Jinling cuisine such as braised sliced abalone with mushroom sauce, sauteed shrimp and shredded chicken with mustard, scallop in deep fried sliced eggplant, steamed great cat-tail with preserved pork and duck, and roasted cod fish. To express his appreciation, he toasted with the live folk band and dedicated a poem in Chinese to all guests.

Before departure, Chancellor Schüssel thanked Jinling staff for their kind service and spoke highly of the golden touch of Jinling hospitality. He inscribed two words (Xihuan, meaning “like”) in a book and signed his name hereafter. Ms. Li Jianwei, Chairman of Jinling Hotels and Resorts, presented a golden logo to Chancellor Schüssel and welcomed him back to the Jinling Hotel Nanjing.