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During the Jiangsu Publicity Conference in January 2011, Jinling Hotel Corporation was awarded Model Enterprise of Civilization by CPC Jiangsu Committee and Jiangsu Provincial Government. This was the only award-winning enterprise to be delivered for the hotel industry, Jinling’s success and recognition continues to be not only due to financial gain but also its dedication to community service gaining wider acceptance in Jiangsu. Mr. Luo Zhijun, Secretary of CPC Jiangsu Committee, and Mr. Li Xueyong, governor of Jiangsu Province, were both present at this award ceremony.  
As a subsidiary of Jinling Holdings Limited, Jinling Hotel Corporation was set up in December, 2002. It was then listed on the Shanghai Stock Market in April, 2007; becoming the first tourism enterprise in Jiangsu ever listed. Since its birth, Jinling has adhered to the strategy of “a centennial enterprise” by focusing on; corporate management, risk control, diversification and innovation along with capital management. Its apparant success in branding and marketing has made Jingling become increasingly competitive in the hotel industry.    
Over the past 8 years, the total revenue in Jinling has increased by 125%, its net profit by 830%, and net assets by 380%. In 2010 fiscal year, Jinling Hotel generated in total; 515 million RMB (US$79.2 million) and net profit 12 million RMB (US$17.2 million), which was an increase of 16% and 32% respectively over 2009. It was once again awarded the Gold Prize of Round Table by Directors and Board Magazine and several other awards including China’s Listed Companies Top 100, China 100 Best Employer, and Platinum Five-Star Hotel. As the only national brand, Jinling has been awarded China's Top 10 Most Popular Business Hotel and Best Business Hotel for the 5th and 6th 6 times, respectively.
According to World Brand Lab, the leading independent consulting firm for brand valuation and marketing strategy in the world, Jinling has become a famous brand in China’s hotel industry as a result of its unique vision and strong commitment towards branding as well as being braced for overcoming all challenges and obstacles as they arise.