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Back to List>> “A Level In Four Days”-Jinling Hotel Expansion Program Will Be Completed Before Spring Festival

Jinling Hotel Nanjing used to be the most important treasured landmark of Nanjing. Jinling expansion program has rapidly emergee on the north side of Jinling Hotel Nanjing with the amazing speed of building  “A Level in Four Days” (which means one story or level is completed every four days!).  It is estimated that Jinling Hotel Expansion Program will be completed before spring festival of 2012, as a result. At this appointed time, the total overall floorage of Jinling Hotel will be increased from 90,000 square meters to 260,000 square meters; becoming the 2nd tallest building in Xinjiekou area.
With a total construction area of over 170,000 square meters; the new construction will feature a deluxe 5-star hotel with an office building built to intelligent standards, high-tech convention center facilities and an exclusive upscale shopping center all-in-one. The new building and original existing building will be connected via; skyways, walkways and underground passages. The three-story underground floors will be connected with Xinjiekou metro underpass leading directly to the subway station. In addition, the underground part of the new building will be equipped with the largest underground parking garage in Xinjiekou district; the 3-story parking garage will have 500 parking spaces. (Liu Fangxiong)