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Back to List>> Jinling Hotel's Reputation for Hospitality Translates to “Quality Service Award”

After 28 years, the 37-story building still stands strong in the middle of Nanjing. Guests from all over the world arrive to Jinling's warm and welcoming lobby.  From the moment they enter; they can feel the history and heritage which has brought Jinling to where it is today.  Maybe the original bronze statues do not shine as brightly as before but time has only added luster to their glow.  Jinling has proudly been awarded the "Demonstrative Example of China 5-Star Rated Hotels"、“Most Favorable Domestic Hotel Brand in China”,“Most Favorable Business Hotel in China”,“Five-Star Diamond Award”,“Best Business Hotel in China and the only “Quality Service Award” in China (as well as being the only recipient in the hospitality industry).  After 28 years, Jinling continues to hold its own and more!   
Jinling Hotel has created a unique management program over the years referred to as “Golden Touch of Jinling Hospitality”.  This program provides and instill rigorous technical standards and procedures that magnificently represents the company philosphy and Oriental culture and allure throughout its levels of operation, from: front desk, quality control and every other level of operation with superior service standards and performance guaranteed to ensure top-level customer satisfaction that continues to bring repeat business on a regular basis.  We "are dedicated to impressing all guests" which has become the service motto of Jinling Hotel which now has over 600,000 Jinling Elite Members from 160 countries!  Jinling Hotel continues to adhere to and exhibit these finely tuned standards today just as it did in the very beginning of its conception..
Since opening in 1983, Jinling Hotel Nanjing has been the leader in breaking records, not only for its guests but all over China.  It duly notes 12 various categories in guest records to personalize and improve guest satisfaction, including: personal preferences, food preferences, dislikes, interests, birthday, special anniversary and personal mannerisms as it relates to improved service.  Noticing left-handed people; chopsticks will be positioned on the left side of the place, for example.  When a diabetic person visits Jinling for the 2nd time, that person will receive low-sugar fruit without even asking. Jinling Hotel does its best to anticipate and provide special items through recording and collecting over 600,000 guest history records (noting frequent guest requests, with more than 80 items of interest).  “Golden Touch of Jinling Hospitality” has been acknowledged worldwide, over the past 8 years.  Jinling Hotel Nanjing has received 17,000 complimentary letters filled with praise and admiration.  Housekeeping staff on executive floors wrote a book named “Our Story Begins Here”, on the title page of this book, we read "We planted the first seed that bore the first plant; our hearts melt the ice away, bringing a young sprout to become a large tree.” Countless service examples are written in this book, full of love, dedication and unlimited contributions.
Jinling hospitality conveys a rich example to guests from all over the world. “Service in China” and “Made in China” becomes the wings of China’s success. On the way to building a hundred year-old enterprise, Jinling staff works incessantly and endlessly, “This is our mission; it is the only route to success.”
“During this era of increasing globalization, we should give our staff more dignity and increased feelings of happiness.  A motivated, satisfied staff creates a first-class international brand.” Said Li Jianwei, President of Jinling Hotel Corporation.
Tourism is an industry which creates happiness and satisfaction; we have every reason to believe that Jinling Hotel will bring more happiness, satisfaction and continued memorable experiences for our guests, with the power attached to providing quality “Service in China”.