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Back to List>> Jinling Implements 1st Phase Electro-Mechanical Equipment Upgrades

Like the arteries in the human body, the electro-mechanical equipments play a vital role in the daily operations of Jinling Hotel; a landmark building in downtown Nanjing. To connect the existing building with Jinling Hotel's expansion program, Jinling Hotel totally upgraded the existing electro-mechanical equipment on a larger scale. Engineering Department of Jinling Hotel was forced to fulfill these tasks within 1 month in order to also ensure normal operations for Jinling Hotel Nanjing. The task was arduous and stressful, but despite the limited timeframe they still persevered.

The one-month operational upgrade proved to be a great success for the professionalism and team-spirit of Jinling's staff. The cable switch project was the key component in the electro-mechanical equipment upgrades. They overcame great difficulties to connect the power supply unit of the current building to the under-construction expansion project. After several attempts at reconstruction and renovation, the underground cables and channels of Jinling Hotel were innumerable however the engineering group was able to locate the correct cables and connect them successfully with the new ones without affecting daily operations within the hotel. This latest upgrade assignment has established a solid foundation in preparation for the rise of the new building. (Jin Xuan)