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On September 27, 2011, Wang Qishan, Member of the Politburo for the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council presided over the Quality Work Symposium in Zhongnanhai, Beijing. Board of Directors Chairman Zhang Ruimin from Haier Group Corporation, General Manager Ma Guoqiang from Bao Shan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, Chairman Lijianwei from Jinling Hotel Corporation all attended this meeting as representatives of these highly acclaimed enterprises. Government leaders from Guangdong, Sichun, Fujian, Henan and the other provinces attended the meeting as they also presented their messages of praise and respect.  There were also members from the Propaganda Department of CCCPC, General Office, Legal Affairs Office, National Development and Reform Committee, State-Owned Assets Supervision, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Ministry of Finance, State Statistic Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Tourism Bureau, National Association of Industry and Commerce attending this meeting.
After listening to these presentations and summary reports, Vice Premier Wang Qishan stressed the point that quality is the foundation of every industry while ensuring higher quality standards will be the future mission. Following dictates according to a systematic and scientific approach; it was pointed out that we should adhere to the strategies of; economic development, humanistic concerns and quality control. We should endeavor to improve the quality of management at all levels while  minimizing those items that place industrial safety and wellbeing at risk.
Vice Premier Wang Qishan elucidated that quality relates directly to economic growth and economic advancement as it closely ties into the vital interests of the people, interests of survival and development for enterprises while reflecting a country's image. Quality is the prerequisite of economic benefit and scientific development. “Quality is the essential lifeline”, we should keep this in mind and build a responsible system which includes independence, accountability and leadership responsibility. The essence of enterprise is the lifeblood of a sound marketing system that strengthens our credibility and self-awareness for future success. We should utilize all staff to guarantee top-quality management systems directing positive development that also promote quality brands of value.
As the only representative within the hospitality industry, Chairman Li Jianwei of Jinling Hotel Corporation delivered a speech on “Building Service Quality Benchmarks; Taking A Domestic Brand To New Levels”, as she summarized Jinling Hotel Corporation’s efforts in developing top-quality management while also promoting its brand name. Jinling Hotel Corporation has created an impressive management model and construct endorsing the “Golden Touch of Jinling Hospitality” on the basis of creating an identifiable and enduring brand name which incorporates strategic guidelines for sustainable development. “Precision, Excellence, Added Value and Concern for Humanity" is the summary of what Jinling brand symbolizes and the core of its significance in comparison to other international brands. Jinling’s superior management concepts are reflected in their care and concern of all guests and staff. From its independent hotels to overall management outlooks, from its hotel chain management to comprehensive travel and tourism development; these stellar achievements all reflect Jinling’s ever-expanding dominance and core competitiveness.
Chairman Li stated that Jinling Hotel Corporation strives to always be the forerunner of “Chinese Hospitality” and industy accomplishment with a civilized, humanistic approach. We will continue to promote and build our brand through strategic development as we proceed into the future; extolling increased creativity, enthusiasm and vitality that also reflects positively in enhanced qualities of service. We will put our effort into elevating quality and creating increased value aimed towards achieving increasingly higher standards. Our goal is to build a domestic brand that can reflect our rich heritage and history while still being able to incorporate modern, international influences.