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Only 5 Enterprises in China received the award given by the General Administration of Quality Supervision,State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.  Jinling Hotel Corporation is the only winner receiving this esteemed award, representing China's service industry. 
Jinling is a landmark in China, standing as the formerly highest building in China; representative of the great symbolism and progress of China's reform, including the hospitality industry which opened up and became receptive to the world.
Jinling is a symbol of both tangible and intangible success; achieving remarkable progress and advancement throughout China’s thriving evolution and development.
Early, on the morning of September 20, at Great Hall of the People in Beijing; Li Jianwei, Chairman of Jinling Hotel Corporation received the award and plaque appropriately name: “Advanced Unit Model of National Quality Works” as the audience enthusiastically burst into applause. Being the only prize winner representative of China's service industry this was a huge honor.  Jinling Hotel Corporation proudly received this prize; being acknowledged with full recognition for its advanced management philosophies and innovative management practices. Serving as a benchmark for China's hospitality industry, Jinling Hotel won this much coveted award with Daqing Oilfield, Haier Group, Lenovo Group and Baoshan Iron &Steel Group with Jiang Shusheng, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, Bai Lichen, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative, Zhi Shuping, Director of General Administration of Quality Supervision all in attendance.
This award is the only national award given by the central government designated for honoring those extolling examples of quality management. On the basis of 12,000,000 enterprises selected by General Administration of Quality Supervision,State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission; these two central administrations judiciously selected 100 advanced entities; with only 5 advanced models chosen to represent such stellar examples of superior management skills, business effectiveness and public responsibility. These 5 enterprises also become the benchmark for other extended and related industries.  The purpose of this award is to cultivate more national awareness, ensure more adherence and awareness towards actively administering world-class standards in their enterprises that exemplify a comprehensive and cohesive measure of enhancing competitiveness for domestic enterprises.
On September 21, Chen Hongbin, the Deputy Secretary and Associate Director of State Assets Administration Committee of Jiangsu Province, came to Jinling Hotel Nanjing to celebrate the award which also included a congratulatory letter. Jiangsu State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administrative commission demonstrated in its letter of congratulation, throughout its foundation, that Jinling Hotel Corporation has effectively and admirably implemented brand strategy while developing its market actively and productively; positively elevating service qualities and management standards. The resulting achievement of its reform and development are visibly impressive and outstanding. We can witness the growth of Jinling during its sustained development and remarkable position as a leader in the hospitality industry. Jinling has served as a veritable flagship guiding the way of China in the hospitality industry in impressive and unforgettable ways.  It is truly the leader. 
Through its 19 years, Jinling Hotel Nanjing has opened new vistas and widened its parameters since Jinling Hotel Corporation was founded in December, 2002. In the past 8 years, during SARS, H1N1, despite unprecedented natural disasters and economic hardships, Jinling Hotel Corporation has prevailed.  It continues to achieve amazing breakthroughs that reap economic rewards, admiration and praise.  Being always cognizant of social concerns and general wellbeing this has served Jinling well, having been an integral element throughout all management levels from top to bottom; serving as an example of efficiency, productivity and profitability.
The total assets of Jinling Hotel Corporation has enviably increased 3.8 times above net assets from the beginning of Jinling Hotel Corporation's creation 8 years ago, with its net income also growing 8.3 times from 2003 to 2010.  The operating income of Jinling Hotel consistently places it in its redeeming position of being Number 1 in Jiangsu Province over the past 28 years. Jinling Hotels & Resorts (Jinling Hotel Corporation’s participating holding company) ranked in the Top 3 among China’s domestic hotel groups while also being placed in the “Global Top 50”; with 106 member hotels under its management. It has been reported that the scale of Jinling member hotels will reach 200 in the next 5 years being based primarily in the Yangtze River Delta.  The total room number will exceed an estimated 50,000 which is both impressive and astounding. 
After the completion of Jinling Hotel Expansion program, the total room number of Jinling Hotel Nanjing will reach 1,000, making Jinling Hotel Nanjing the largest 5-star hotel in Jiangsu Province (covering an est. 260,000 square meters). Based on its influence, power and the inherent management style of Jinling Hotel, “Jinling & Tianquanhu” Eco-Tourism Park will also become another major role model for the hospitality industry. Located in Xuyi County, Jinling-Tianquanhu Eco-Tourism Park Resort Community will become an upscale, world-class tourism destination featuring luxury hotels, private villas, etc. all built to eco-tourism standards with modern convention facilities and a first-class retirement community all integrated with environmentally-friendly, sustainable and harmonious ingredients.  Jinling Trade Corporation has also greatly improved its sales and inventory infrastructure becoming the leading wholesaler of top brands of wines.
The accomplishment and advancement of Jinling is closely connected with its clear strategic planning and carefully designed profit model. Jinling is dedicated to being the largest, most professional and exceedingly high-profile 5-Star hotel brand; Jinling will surely actualize and realize its historical transition from being a chain operation that crosses all cultural boundaries in the tourism market for successful results.
 “Jinling Reaches New Heights; Serving As the Corporate Trademark for Listed Company Models”
 In April of 2007, the A-shares of Jinling Hotel debuted on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.  Jinling became the first listed company in China’s hotel industry in circulation while also being the first listed company in Jiangsu’s hospitality and tourism sector. Jinling Hotel Corporation was selected as one of the “Top 100 Most Respected Companies in China”, “Top 100 Investment-Worthy Companies in China”.  In their annual report, they stated that: “We strengthen and effectively support our risk-management while controlling abilities to establish our corporate long-term management system. Alongside this, we also optimize internal control and risk-management operations systematically and strategically.  Thirdly, we continuously optimize 130 management & control institutions with the addition of 560 operating business procedures. Over the last 3 years, we have effectively taken the lead in publishing our “Internal Control Appraisal Report” and our “Corporate Social Responsibility Report”. Through these methods we are able to actualize and realize positive, profitable growth while maintaining brand identity and also utilizing maximized risk-control management.  
Jinling Successfully Continues Its Endeavors While Shareholders Build Confidence and Support.
 “Jinling Continues to Reach New Heights; Being Awarded China's Top 10 Most Favorable Business Hotels for the 4th   Consecutive Time
The newly-listed company surprises many for its astoundingly mature management.  The quality management model represented by the “Golden Touch of Jinling Hospitality” has become exceedingly acknowledged and well-known; domestically and worldwide.
The quality management model represented by the “Golden Touch of Jinling Hospitality” has truly become the essence of Jinling’s operating style while epitomizing Jinling's core values. Jinling member hotels were then able to duplicate this management model which provided many valuable opportunities for also realizing their goals and missions in all areas.  Jinling Hotel Corporation was designated Five-Star Diamond Brand in the hotel category by World Brand Laboratory.  Jinling Hotel Nanjing was awarded “Best Business Hotel in China”, “The Most Favorable Business Hotel in China” and “Best Business Hotel in China” for the 6th time.
 “We regard quality improvement as our inherent criteria for all decisions and motivations; considering it as the key component for reaching our eternal and never-ending targets.”  We have sent 300 superior, skilled staff abroad in order to participate in training classes with notable universities and hotel groups. We have also sent at least 60 management employees abroad to further their study, experience and professional skills. We continuously develop and implement 8 integral and interconnected support systems that feature and promote; Brand Management, Quality Management, Sales & Marketing, Central Purchasing, Food & Beverage, etc. Jinling Booking and Reservation Center has become the first hotel booking system obtaining independent intellectual property rights. Jinling logistics system has become the model of hospitality e-purchasing. We have attained levels of world-class standards creating advanced scientific advantages in the field of creativity and innovation. Jinling continues to be a recognized leader in quality and quantitative factors that influence and reflect the competitive power of Jinling's brand name.   
“Jinling Reaches New Heights: Chosen As One of China Top 100 Best Employers For the 3rd  Consecutive Time ”
Jinling Hotel Nanjing has repeatedly led the way for advocacy of human rights; integrating these principles into their corporate culture and management style establishing them as a true leader in the domestic tourism industry. Jinling continues to nurture its staff while empowering them to reach new goals as they encourage and complement their collective goals.  Hotel staff only continues to improve while the company overall benefits from the many platforms allowed for staff to grow and flourish.
According to the statistics, the satisfactory rate of Jinling Hotel staff has reached an impressive 95.8%.  Jinling possesses astounding records and statistics for long-term employee retention; with over 70% staff employed over 10 years, over 52% staff employed at least 15 years and 6.6% staff turnover rate which is remarkably well below the industry average. 
 In the past 8 years, Jinling Hotel Nanjing recruited 278 highly-qualified candidates and recent graduates; while also attracting over 660 resumes into its pool of resources. 
 “Jinling Reaches New Heights: Becoming the Forerunner of International Eco-Hotels”
The culture of enterprise includes and utilizes a specific mentality; its social responsibility relies on entrepreneurial practices based in realistic goals. As an “enterprising citizen”, Jinling takes its obligations and social responsibility seriously. In the past 8 years, Jinling Hotel Corporation created over 30,000 employment positions. Jinling has paid 3,100,000,000 RMB in taxes. Revenue per employee has ascended to 330,000 RMB, far exceeding the labor productivity standards of nationally star-rated hotels by 3 times. Jinling Hotel Corporation has also made significant and generous contributions to the development of its local community including being actively involved in social and public service.
By adopting healthy, organic ingredients and alternatives in accordance to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) which strengthens the quality of suppliers and implementation procedures this has further expanded available varieties of produce (fruit, vegetables and meat) cultivated in Jinling Hotel Organic Vegetable Plantation.  Jinling Hotel continues to ensure and promote premium food safety, standards and regulations. Entering into the “organic age”, Jinling has assembled an ecological chain, essentially from field to the table. Jinling explored low-carbon management emissions, using multiple methods to save power such as installing smart air conditioning systems, frequency-convertible pumping systems, modern spray operations, optimized heat harvesting and effective acid-washing for boilers.  Jinling Hotel reduced over 1,100,000 degrees of electrical power usage; saving over 73,000 cubic meters of gas which also reduced more than 20% water usage leading it to become recognized as the “Excellent Model For Building Green Tourist Hotels” as well as the “National Water-Saving Model Hotel”.
Similar to the tenets written in our “Corporate Social Responsibility Report” this translates to how much you receive from the world, depends on how much you give to the world.  This is and will be our motto as we progress, striving to build a global outlook for enterprise and operation; now and for many years to come.
Cheerful employees serve guests cheerfully which is one of the reasons Jinling Hotel Corporation conducts many activities annually; helping staff realize the true meaning of “Work Happily: Live Happily”.