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Back to List>> Nanjing Jinling Hotel Presents 35 Dishes From “A Dream of Red Mansions” With 35 Compelling Stories

This Iced Sweet and Sour Lotus Root” is just one of the several delicacies written about in “A Dream of Red Mansions”. The effort of investigating and exploring this beautiful story with its delicious treats at Jinling Hotel did not disappoint. Making delicious food is not a legend in and of itself but when it also tells a story along with its attractive taste; the result becomes overwhelming and memorable.  Jinling Hotels microblog is full of guest comments with positive feedback due to the special delicacies served from “A Dream of Red Mansions” which was presented by Plum Garden on August 3.
In “A Dream of Red Mansions” most of the delectable dishes and drinks were representative of the early Qing Dynasty. When Cao Xueqin described these stories; he always combined a cornucopia of places, cuisine, lifestyles, folk tales, cultural customs, etiquette, demographic conceptions, literature, arts, history & illusions providing a rich tapestry that alluded to that time period.  Names and items such as; Lotus Leaf Porridge” “Braised Eggplant with Chicken”  “Homemade Top-Grade Abalone” were but a few of the 35 dishes all emanating from “A Dream of Red Mansions” which also contained local, seasonal ingredients receiving rave reviews from many guests. (Xin Wen)