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(Editor's Note: Constructed in 1983, Jinling Hotel Nanjing has established many national records in China’s hotel industry; including “The Tallest Building”, “The First Revolving High-Level Restaurant” , “The First High-Speed Elevator”, “The First Heliport” and “The First Multi-Level Parking Garage” among others. Now the distinguished and famous Jinling Hotel Nanjing is undergoing an expansion project on its northern side.  With a total investment of 1.6 billion RMB (US$246 million); this 57-floor building is rising quickly to a planned height of 242 meters. The project is scheduled to complete before 2011 while starting full operation the next year.  As this building continues to rise; so does the increasing anticipation and expectation of staff and management. Just a few days ago we visited this construction site for an interview with its Project Manager.)
A massive combination of cement and steel structures; this building continues to escalate even higher with each passing minute.  According to the Project Manager, the total construction area for this building will be 165,270 square meters. The 3-level basement iwill be used as department stores, garage parking spaces (550 parking lot capacity) and electrical/mechanical equipment storage. The next 4 floors will feature an elegant lobby, restaurant, shopping boutiques, conference center, fitness area and a swimming pool.  For this 57 floor building; floors 6 to 38 will be used as office space, the 40th floor will be used as guest reception, from there floors 41 to 55 floor will feature 384 luxurious guest rooms, the 56th floor will be a sky restaurant while the 57th floor become executive offices.  The surrounding area, with the exception of the entrance and courtyard will be covered by lush landscaping; full-grown trees, shrubbery, fountains, waterfalls, etc. making it a landmark novelty in the downtown area.  
Upon completion, this new building will expand the current 90,000 square meters belonging to the current Jinling Hotel into 260,000 square meters overall that will turn it into the ultimate example for a platinum 5-star hotel, 5A class offices, multi-function conference center and exclusve department stores and boutiques. This new structure will also be connected to the Jinling Hotel Nanjing via underground passages, walkways and skyways.  This collective property will also enjoy convenient, direct access to Metro Line No. 2 as well as the Golden Eagle Underpass.
Designed by the famous P&T Group HK, this new building will reflect the integrity and traditional style inherent to both Jinling Hotel Nanjing and the Jinling World Trade Center. Simultaneously, it will also reflect an enhanced, more modern appearance including state-of-the-art architectural and electrical engineering.  It will truly be a feat of nature; bestowing the best of then and now.
After touring through the tower, both inside and out; one could easily envision the enormous magnitude of this skyscraper-in-motion looming near the existing structures of Jinling Hotel Nanjing and Jinling World Trade Center. This new building, extolling increased confidence imbued with a deep sense of pride will most definitely become yet another strong contributor to success of Xin Jie Kou.  This will also enable Jinling to reach new heights in an ancient city where increasingly East meets West where the past still colors the present.