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It took Carlo Frusciante several years and many stops in-between (working in Italy, Ireland, India, Singapore, Shanghai, etc.) but he finally found his way to Nanjing!  Jinling celebrates and announces his arrival, bringing an authentic Italian touch with international flourish to their Pacific Bar & Grill, in Jinling Hotel Nanjing.   Carlo comes from a long history of professional bakers and chefs; grandparents, father, brothers and other relatives sharing their craft and culinary skills, throughout Italy.  Originally from Salerno (near Naples in southern Italy) Carlo learned at an early age how to work his magic with local seafood, shellfish, pasta, rice/risotto, vegetables, breads and homemade sauces.  He relishes simplistic, fresh ingredients abundant in “country cooking” enhancing without masking naturally delicious, aromatic flavors.  Above all, Carlo prides himself at “finding pleasure and putting heart” into everything he does; from start to finish!
Starting from a firm foundation of “old world” recipes and skills, Carlo considers himself an “Ambassador of Italy” which “requires courage and conviction to break the rules yet still stay true to one’s essence!”  Carlo does what he knows best; creating popular Italian dishes while also challenging himself, to constantly improve and improvise.  Venturing out of his kitchen, Carlo easily communicates and establishes friendly rapport with all of his guests.  They can feel his heart as he writes down their suggestions and records personalized preferences.  He aims to please!  He invites guests to visit Pacific Bar & Grill; where “we can get to know and understand each other better, so I can create delicious meals that will be healthy and unforgettable for you!”    
                                                                                                 Written By Debra Wright                           
Business Consultant of Jinling Holdings Ltd.