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On October 31, 2010, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations and his wife Yoo Soon-Taek arrived at Jinling Hotel Nanjing where they were warmly greeted with applause and elation. Mr. Ban pleasantly shook hands with hotel staff. During the welcome banquet, Mr. Ban and his wife highly praised the delicious food and meticulous service of Jinling Hotel. Woo Da Young and Woo Hyo Jeong, both Korean works as Guest Relation Officers (GRO) at Jinling Hotel where they greeted Mr. Ban in Korean.  He was greatly surprised as he talked with them; asking them about their life and work in Jinling Hotel. Mr. Ban said, I didn't expect to see Korean staff in Jinling Hotel, it's nice to see you!  The hotel where you work is marvelous! Mr. Ban asked Liang Baohua (former Jiangsu Provincial Party Secretary) to take photos of him with hotel staff. Two days later, Song Chuyu, Taiwan's People First Party Chairman came to Jinling Hotel again praising the hotel, saying It is so nice to enjoy Jinling's atmosphere yet again, after over 5 years!
Almost a month later, the sixth Business Traveller China Awards Ceremony was held in Shanghai where Jinling received Best Business Hotel in China (for the 6th consecutive year), recognized for its favorable reputation and increasingly rising occupancy rate.  Jinling received this prestigious award for the 6th time also being the only national hotel brand in China to receive this designation. On November 30, Oriental Morning Post, a famous and widely recognized media in Shanghai awarded Jinling Hotel Nanjing as the Most Favorable Business Hotel in Nanjing District with the other 11 award-winning hotels includes famous foreign brands like Grand Hyatt Pudong, The Westin Bund Center Shanghai, and The Portman Ritz-Carlton…
Every award becomes a journey; it marks our achievements but also foresees new challenges. As the year goes by, winter and summer change alternatively however the warmth and kindness of Jinling Hotel will always prevail.  It withstands the test of time.  A former guest left a comment on Jinling's website,  I can feel the warm atmosphere here and continue to be moved; time and time again. Passion, diligence, and innovation join together in order to polish Jinling brand.  This warm comment was received enthusiastically and passionately by all Jinling employees; who work hard to achieve this status.
In 2010, under challenging yet promising operational procedures; Jinling Hotel Nanjing still adheres to the highest level of service standards while offering remarkable room packages with extensive food & beverage selections for all our guests.  No details are overlooked in order to truly reflect the gracious hospitality and generous consideration inherent to Jinling Hotel's Golden Touch.  This continues to showcase and represent not only the firm foundation but also the fervent dedication and longstanding faith that will always prevail at Jinling Hotel.  This is our testimony to lasting success which we gratefully share will all our guests; now and into the future.  

Jinling Hotel enjoys the view all the way…

Lv Hui, Deputy General Manage of Jinling Hotel accepted Business Traveller Awards.

Liang Baohua (right, former Jiangsu provincial party secretary) met with Mr. Ban Ki-Moon (left) Secretary General of the United Nations in Purple Mountain Ballroom at Jinling Hotel Nanjing.

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon (4th from the right) and Liang Baohua (former Jiangsu provincial party secretary) took photos with Jinling hotel staff.