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What an incredible feeling on a cold winter's day; walking inside to the warm, inviting smell of something delicious baking in the oven!  It could be breads, cookies or cakes, but these aromas never fail to attract; artfully evolving in increasingly popular ways. Breads and desserts have arrived and will not be denied. Many remember playing outside in the snow as children - skating, sledding or making snowmen. Nothing tasted better than chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven or homemade apple pie - served with steaming hot chocolate.  It was pure heaven!
Food is more than nourishment; it is entertainment, indulgence and childhood memories revisited.  In the Western world, desserts are not an afterthought; they are eagerly anticipated. We endure entire meals, anxiously awaiting the delicious treats presented at the end.  Desserts are the jewels in the crown.  And we have traditional holiday recipes with their own allure reserved for that occasion alone.  There is a huge difference between West and East - where dessert is often just a plate of fruit.     
Western tastes are decadent. We crave unique combinations of taste and texture using chocolate, peppermint, cinnamon, caramel and innumerable other ingredients emphasizing flavor, richness and appeal.  A new trend is dessert shooters; served in shot glasses; less expensive, smaller servings brimming with more flavor for less.  Red Velvet, Chocolate Mint, Key Lime, Ginger Lemon and Toffee Nut are just a few of the many flavors now in demand. 
 The latest craze is an update on an old classic; frosted gourmet cupcakes in endless flavors, including: Chocolate Marshmallow, Peanut Butter Chip, and Lemon Coconut with some being gluten-free.  They are delivered in tiered-trays to parties and weddings. Some brands use recycled materials while donating to food banks and charities.  This becomes a sophisticated yet socially responsible indulgence.
For Westerners, bread is the staple of life; wheat, rye and pumpernickel, to name a few with artisan varieties becoming more prevalent. Some prefer healthier brands producing organic “grain-sprouted” breads, cereals and pastas.  Westerners eat bread with almost everything; meats, vegetables, cheeses and spreads.  If bread is one of our basic ingredients, then desserts are our reward. Fortunately, at Jinling you can satisfy this appetite for fresh breads and desserts; made daily in our bakery.  Cakes can be specially ordered for all occasions while breads, cookies, muffins, biscotti and croissants and croissants await you; all located at Jin’s Deli on the first floor. 

Written by Debra Wright
Business Consultant Jinling Holdings Ltd.